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Every Open Maker has a dedicated, public Maker profile, our Manage Profile page makes it easy to keep your information and settings up-to-date.
  1. To edit your profile, you can go when you are signed in. Alternatively, there is an edit profile icon in the header. Lastly, if you visit your public profile page, there is a "Manage Profile" link under your avatar which also takes you to your settings page.
  2. You can edit numerous fields, unless noted, everything is an optional field. The more you populate your profile the more trustworthy you become to people viewing your profile page.
  3. Minority Founder - this settings will flag our system to let us know that you are a member of a minority such as being, but not limited to Female, Black, Hispanic, LGBTQ+. At a future date we will have search filters and other ways to bring more attention to you and your projects.
  4. Long Bio - We encourage you to spend extra time writing a comprehensive bio about you, your goals, ambitions and any other interesting information about yourself. Use it as a way for people to get to know you and your history, it will lead to good conversation starters when they reach out to you. You can use Markdown to stylize your bio in a more rich way.
  5. As Makers, we often have numerous social media accounts. We support many of the popular social accounts within your profile. For those of you with a Sunshine Social account and add it to your Open Makers profile, we display your Sunshine Widget on your public profile page for you.
  6. Run a Newsletter or Podcast (or both)? We make it easy for you to add a title, description and link to your channels, we then display a dedicated sidebar card for easy discovery by people visiting your profile page.
  7. Want to build your personal brand, upload an actual photo of yourself as your Avatar. This will help people connect with you on a deeper level. Of course, you can use something else if you prefer.
  8. If you decide that Open Makers simply isn't for you, we make it easy to delete your account. Simply click the "Delete Account" button in the sidebar and provide some feedback as to why you are leaving and your account will then be removed.

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