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Every Maker Product has a dedicated, public profile page, our Manage Product page makes it easy to keep your Product information and settings up-to-date.
  1. To edit your Product, visit your public product page. On there is a "Manage Product" link under your logo which takes you to the product settings page.
  2. You can edit numerous fields, unless noted, everything is an optional field. The more you populate your profile the more interest people will have in your product.
  3. Elevator Pitch - We encourage you to spend extra time writing a comprehensive elevator pitch about your product. (Yes, we know an elevator pitch should be short, but not this time!). List the reasons you are building your product, goals, ambitions and any other interesting information about product. You can use Markdown to stylize your bio in a more rich way.
  4. Products often have numerous social media accounts. We support many of the popular social accounts within your profile. For those of you with a Sunshine Social account for your product and add it to your Open Makers profile, we display your Sunshine Widget on your public profile page for you.

  5. Run a Newsletter or Podcast (or both)? We make it easy for you to add a title, description and link to your channels, we then display a dedicated sidebar card for easy discovery by people visiting your product page.
  6. In many cases, you are not the only person working on a Product. Under our Team Members section you can add other people who have worked on the Product. Simply type in their Open Maker username and add them to the Product.
  7. Adding Team Members benefits the discovery of your Product because once you add a them to a Product then that Product shows up on their public profile page as well.
  8. Want to remove your Product from Sunshine Social? No problem, simply click the "Delete Product" button and you are good to go.

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