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Why only One Featured Milestone Per Week Per Product?

Featured milestones show up as the primary content on the homepage for the site, if we allowed unlimited featured milestones then the homepage would become a noisy mess.

By limiting it to one per week per product, it encourages you to only post truly important updates about your product. This helps maintain high quality content on the homepage and keeps people interested in reading the featured milestones.

This also helps prevent feed spamming, we all know if people had freedom to take advantage of our system they will. We'll still have to deal with some spam type issues but this will drastically reduce the amount of effort required to keep the site clean.

With that all said, we will be keeping a close eye on milestones, products and makers to make sure that the content is valid and relevant to the intention of Open Makers. Anything we feel goes against our expectations will be removed, banned or deleted as we see fit.

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